Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Fresh New Beginning; 4 Layered Salad

Yaaayy!!! I'm so happy today, because finally I've finished designing my blog, which is this blog, and I'm very satisfied. It goes just like the way I want it to be. Now, I'm tired and sweating, but I'm really satisfied so it's not a useless work. I need something nice and fresh to make me feel boosted up again, so I made a salad with ingredients that I have in my fridge. Let's see, I have some fruits and vegetables. Making salad is easy, it'll not make you sweating much more because all you need to do is just toss in all of the ingredients into the serving bowl and pour in the dressing. And ... look out stomach! Here the salad go! Haha. You know what? I feel selfish and guilty if I tell you this story and make your mouth full of water and don't share the recipes with you, so ... here it is.